Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Digby by Name, Digby by Nature

Digby was always a name I heard in my childhood.  My mother would call me Digby whenever I did something stupid, like when I bounced a ball through the house and broke several artifacts in its path.  Basically, it’s safe to say I may have heard it quite a bit.

So, when it came time to name the character that I feel provides some comic relief, Digby came to mind a little too quickly.

The character Digby will play in my short film Lessons Learned as the faithful servant to the Grandfather.    Though, his cleaning skills and tea making leave a lot to be desired, he does try, even when you ask him not to.

Here is the evolution of Digby:

My process started with sketches...

 I then sculpted the maquette
Then I was ready to sculpt the puppet.
Finally, here is the final Digby puppet ready for filming.


  1. That's amazing Toby. Love it.

  2. so good. so amazingly wonderful.

  3. It´s so cool I wish I had minimum sculpting skills, I've always wanted to make a feature with my "old hag monster" from my sleep paralysis episodes lol, one day :) thanks for the blog and for keeping up updated, and remember if you ever in need of some music, I'd be honored and also delighted to help.

  4. Toby, are you using paper clay? Or another substance? I know tons about your parents. I learned the Wendy Froud way of sculpting after doing them a different way altogether. I guess you can say I enjoy staying in touch to whats going on around Dartmore and your family too.

    Best regards,
    Julie Draper
    SoMeThInG WiCkEd StUdIoS

  5. So happy to be following your work after first seeing it at the Animazing Gallery in NYC a few years ago. Your family's creativity has always been an inspiration in my own work. Blessings:-)
    Eric Bornstein
    Behind the Mask

  6. I'm excited to see... that in this generation, the young froud is feeling his way around the Labyrinth of technology to share and update progress in real time with us .. even more proud to love the Froud!

  7. Why am I not surprised that someone so creative was so... unruly as a child? Digby looks fantastic, even cute in a way. Can't wait to see his character in action!