Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Granny Fate

This sculpt was a fun change of pace to the others.  Because the movement of this character is so different from the other puppets I had more freedom in the sculpt because I didn't have to worry about blinking eyes or certain expressions.  The middle set of eyes on this character are the only set that will move.  The other two sets are there to add to her strange spidery-ness while tying into the mythology of the fates.   I also hope to get a very loose spongy feel to her mouth movement which the foam latex will allow.  This movement should suggest that see has little teeth or bone below her nose.

The Grandfather

The Grandfather was a fun sculpt for me.  I feel one of the hardest things to do on him, was to know how far to take the wrinkles and lines.  This head will actually be used for two characters in the film, one being the friendly grandfather to the boy and the other being a dark and slightly sinister character.  That's all I'll say you'll have to see the film to know more about this second character.

Sculpting the Boy

This is the sculpture for the Boy character.  The challenge of sculpting this character was to make him feel youthful while allowing for enough movement to be available through the foam.  I usually sculpt characters showing an expression, but for the puppets they need to sculpted in a neutral position.  This is so the expressions can be put into the faces via mechanics and puppeteers.   As you can see I had trouble reaching a full neutral face because I wanted him to look friendly.